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'Dedicated, sincere and controlled... Neat as a pin, meticulous in her footwork and
fully in control of her nritta, Puja Allepalli radiates a humility and sincerity to her
art... she hummed with an earnestness that endears an artiste to the audience...
she dedicated it to the memory of her Guru, Adyar Lakshman.'
 - Nehru Center,
London, UK 2015

'Puja leaves an impression as if the figures in splendid dance postures from
ancient sculptures came sequentially alive on the stage, adeptly with alacrity and
- The Hindu   Link

'Perfect Pose'  - The New Indian Express   Link

'Charming stage presence... with neat movements and sure footwork, Puja saw
this popular opening item through with élan... the varnam with its sparkling jathis
and crisp arudis. The emphasis on clarity in mudra and adavu that are part of
guruLakshmanan’s style came through in her theermanams.'  
- The Hindu    Link
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'Dance your cares away...The 19th annual Village Arts Coalition International Festival brought a wide variety of traditional art
forms '   
-   Link

'Puja's recital was neat, with impressive footwork and good timing and one could see how much effort and rehearsals had gone
into her joyous presentation.'  
 -  Link

'Puja Allepalli’s embodiment of this large array of dances was stunning, as was her stamina.'     -  Link

'Another Sensational Sunday...The series of Sunday afternoon programs that showcased visual and performing arts'  -
Broomfield Enterprise

'Puja impressed with her footwork and accurate timing. Exceptional persistence and passion' - The Hindu  Link

'Far from her native home, Puja captured the attention of hundreds... earning a resonant ovation during Boulder's International
- The Daily Camera, Boulder   Link

'Puja dazzled the audience in her Gopika Krishna Padam by the eloquence of her expressions.'    - Nav Rashtra

'Puja enthralls the audience by her classic presentation of Bharatanatyam. Her dance created an atmosphere of quietude and
serenity in the jam-packed IMA auditorium. She portrayed with elegance the form of Ardhanateshwar.'  
- Lokmat News

'Puja is one of our real cultural ambassadors…her rendition of the program was overwhelming and flawless'    - Dr. Rajani Rai
(former Lt. Governor of  Pondicherry, India)  

'She danced with perfection to the rhythmic beats of Nattuvangam showing a mastery over footwork.'   - The Hitavada