We warmly welcome everyone at ‘Shivanjali Gaushala’.

‘Gaavo Visvasya Matarah’ (Sanskrit) i.e. Cow is the mother of the world. We sincerely feel it is our duty to protect and nurture this holy animal. We have created a small place for sheltering them. There are various needs of these cows which needs utmost attention, love, and care. We feel that there is a need to be catered with some level of expertise and sincerity. We have created an atmosphere where they can prosper and grow and give us their blessings.


Shivanjali Gaushala, established in 2018, is a solid effort by us to take care of our Gau Mata and preserve them. Religious minds have come together to give back Gau Mata the respect and provide them with proper shelter and nourishing food. We in Shivanjali Gaushala take an attempt to carry out the welfare of cows and help produce crops with their help.

We follow the Four principles for our Gau Palan in Traditional:

Healthy Relationship Maintenance

We do not agree with feeding low quality food or water and provide our Gau mata with good quantity. We never practice science related experiments or induce hormones to increase production. We have an experienced and loving team for our Gau Palan.


We stick to the traditional gau palan method of feeding the calf by her mother any time of the day and to its hearts satisfaction. We never stop the cows from feeding their calf and use the rest of the milk for living beings.

Organic Feed

We allow the cow to graze over land and eat grasses, plants and herbs whichever they want. They take up their favorite grazes and obtain nutrients from it that fits her taste.

Ayurveda as Medicine

Ayurvedic herbs with medicinal properties are mixed with their feed and changed with seasons to keep up the cows health. We rarely make a mix of modern medicines, when our Gau Mata is too sick and Ayurveda is unable to treat her.

What We Offer

Indigenous A2 Milk

Our milk comes from happy-gracing, healthy-fed and loving-cared pure breeds of desi cows.

Pure Desi A2 Ghee

Pure Desi A2 Ghee Desi ghee churned by bilona method Caring & feeding of cows, Safe Milking Methods

Organic fertilizers

We produce organic fertilizers from Desi Cow’s dung and urine for our agriculture requirement.